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The purpose of mindfulness

Did you ever wonder why we learnt algebra at school and not how to pick ourselves up after an emotional challenge?

Education is more than memorising facts and testing. From Early Childhood Education to University we are on journey of self-discovery. We learn about the world and the possibilities of our place within it. We learn about ourselves through our relationships with others.

Algebra has it's place, of course, and having tools to allow emotional balance and mental clarity allows us to utilise our education fully. More so, developing the tools of mindfulness at a young age helps us to create engaging and satisfying lives.

As a part of my growing wellbeing toolkit book series, I have created the ultimate book set to use as an intro to mindfulness learning, suitable for any age. In this series we start with the foundation of mindfulness, learning to listen to our thoughts and choosing new perspectives; learning to focus and be present, to learning how to meditate and begin developing our own mindful practices.

"I just read the mindfulness and me lapbooks. They are so beautiful... and powerful. The I Choose My Thoughts books nearly made me tear up... I actually needed to hear those messages this morning. Can't wait to finish reading the rest. Kind Regards, Cheryl."


• I Choose My Thoughts

• I am Focussed

• I am Present

• My Mindful Moments

• I am a meditator

This series is written with love and designed to be a joy to read. I love all the books I write but mindfulness is a particular passion of mine! I welcome feedback and continuing collaboration with educators and parents to develop books that empower our children.

Please email me directly at with questions or comments or see our website for more details.

Also available, our Mindfulness & Me A3 sized shared reading book.

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