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How is Covid-19 shaping our children?

Looking around the global reaction to this pandemic (at the panic buying, the constant news feed, social distancing and germ phobia) I wonder at how this experience is shaping the minds of our children and how these children will grow up to shape the world in turn?

How do we have children vigilantly wash their hands and not be afraid to get mucky during play?

How do we encourage children to share resources in an emergency when all around us the supermarket shelves are emptying?

How do we teach children to be emotionally connected when we are asking them to be socially distant?

How do we flatten the curve and keep our spirits high, coming through a fearful experience wired for positive thinking?

Ultimately how we feel about things will come down to our thought processes and our perspective. The thoughts we choose to have about this situation will determine how feel. And it is possible to soothe ourselves and our children from fear and vulnerability into feeling secure and connected. It's all about how we focus and frame our thinking and the behaviours that we demonstrate to our children.

Yes, there are plenty of things happening right now that can be a cause for panic. However, a crisis is an opportunity to see what we are made of and open our eyes to the examples of wonderful people caring for themselves and others in ordinary and extraordinary ways. Let's light the way for our children and show them the impermanence of crisis and the capacity of love and human connection.

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