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Empower your teaching - Vote for what you want published next!

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Scroll down the page to vote for the next book we publish!

Books have the power to change lives. Teachers know this better than anybody.

Our students will only be children for a short time. When we teach, we aren't just educating children but the adults they will become.

Educators are helping to shape the world generations into the future.

What is the power of a book?

  • A child who is read just one book per day from birth will have read over 1000 books by the time they are three!

  • Children are introduced to over 78,000 words a year with just one book a day.

  • Children who are never read to at home can experience over a million-word gap to their well-read peers by the time they reach school.

  • The neural connections created whilst being read to are an essential foundation for cognitive development in children.

  • Listening skills and the ability to engage the imagination develop best while reading from real books, rather than from screens!

And perhaps most importantly... can you recall the feeling of reading time in kindergarten and school? The quiet, slow moments. The sense of connection with your teacher. The sense of shared experience with your classmates all travelling on the same imaginative journey with you. The feeling of wonder and awe as you learn things about the world that have you looking around with fresh eyes...

Imagine what worlds your teaching will open up, with the right resources in your hands.

Have your say and be in the draw to WIN one of ten, 10 book set prize giveaways! (details below the voting segment).

VOTE for your favourite choices & WIN!

  • 0%Self-care Big Book

  • 0%ADHD Big Book

  • 0%Design thinking / Simple Coding Big Book

  • 0%Minibeasts Lapbook series

You can vote for more than one answer.

This entire compact edition collection could be yours! Vote and be in to win...

Don't see your what you really need in a book? Add your request to the comment section below (sign up/sign in required). One outstanding request will be selected for a special mystery prize!

Voting closes midnight 9th September 2022. Your prize will be send free of charge to your New Zealand address (schools/childcare or business addresses are accepted.) In case you ever see an Enlighten Press impersonator on social media pretending to be us - we NEVER ask for personal information or money to collect our prizes - so don't give them anything! 😅

Good luck and thank you for your input. 🥰

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I would love to see some more Science books. Books that relate more specifically to some of the inquiry topics being taught....Bees (Pollination, Honey, Hive Hierarchy, Geometry), Forces (Year 1-4), Life Cycles - Change, States of Matter etc


Jakob Horing
Jakob Horing
Aug 24, 2022

I would love to see an audiobook version of each book as so many of our leads request that. The kids can then also listen to them or they can give it to parents:) thank you so much! Best regard

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