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Celebrating Books 4 PNG Kids

Celebrating Books 4 PNG Kids

We come from a country where educational opportunities and resources are bountiful. So bountiful in fact, that 'old' books are often considered worthless and are recycled or trashed!

Books 4 PNG Kids are helping to turn 'trash' into treasure by collecting spare books for 0-14-year-olds from schools and libraries and transporting them all the way to Papua New Guinea.

At this time of year you might be cleaning out the books in your library, and if you are in Melbourne or QLD, please think of Books 4 PNG Kids.

As an island, Papua New Guinea is isolated and relies on people to bring in resources- many areas remain remote with no roads, and schools might have little to no books to teach with. School is not compulsory, and fewer girls attend than boys. T.V and internet are rare, so books are precious.

I grew up with a book stockroom at my house so I can't even imagine suffering a lack of books! Books are a window into possibilities. By providing a wonderful variety of resources, Books 4 PNG Kids are helping to create an engaging educational experience for kids who might have no other knowledge of the world outside their villages. These kids are strong and independent and there is no limit to what they can do!


If you can help, there are fun Friday packing days (pictured here are the girls, including the CEO of Books 4 PNG Kids and the CEO of Enlighten Press, celebrating a new shipment ready to go!) 👏

You can also help by donating books.

These are the kinds of resources suitable for donation:

✔Early Readers (numbers, alphabet, picture books, animals and cardboard books)

✔Primary school fiction and non-fiction

✔Basic School Supplies

✔Atlases and world maps

✔Dictionaries and thesauruses


✔Education games and wooden puzzles

✔Medical, nursing and midwifery textbooks

✔Musical instruments

If you would like to know more, visit this page-

Happy holidays!

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